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2020 Most Popular Recipes

While I work on setting up the kitchen in our new house and get to work on some new recipes, I wanted to share some of 2020’s most popular recipes that are perfect for summer! This tart and sweet pineapple jam is perfect for breakfast or any snacks! I hope that you enjoy these recipes

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Elevating Simple Cooking

Good food makes life better but sometimes it is difficult to know what to do to add that extra flavor. There are healthy and unhealthy ways to add extra flavor. Lets go through a few! Unhealthy Adding extra butter, heavy creams, and bacon grease will provide that rich flavor to foods. Sometimes there is not

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Lavender Blueberry Lemonade

This summer has been hot to say the least and nothing is better on a hot day than a glass of cold lemonade. Dressing up a glass of fresh squeezed lemonade is easy with a simple syrup. Start off by making the Blueberry-Lavender Simple Syrup so that it has time to cool. I found this

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Foodie Friday: Simple Scones

I love to bake anyway and having all this extra time has been fun adventure for my baking skills. This last week I decided to try my hand at making scones. They ended up being much simpler than I expected them to be and I can’t wait to attempt some varieties with my next batch,

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Recipe Review: Pulled Pork Ramen

Pulled Pork Ramen

For Christmas I received some new cookbooks and I tried a new recipe that turned out too pretty not to share. From Eat Delicious I attempted the Pulled Pork Ramen. It turned out pretty well for my first attempt at mostly homemade ramen. Overall a flavorful recipe but I will change a couple of things

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A Bit About Flour

I love cooking in general and baking but cooking is an art where baking is a science. And part of that science is having the right type of flour. Now, I won’t pretend to know how the different types of flour affect a recipe but what I can tell you if how to make different

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