A Very Blogmas Christmas: Giving

Last week I talked about gifts because at this time of year we all want to make sure that we are giving people the right things and that they are getting the right stuff to give us. I think though that this is also the time of year to stop and think about others. I... Continue Reading →


Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving readers! I hope that every has a great day filled with family and food. If you do not celebrate Thanksgiving, I hope you have a wonderful Thursday. Things I am thankful for: My wonderful family Keltin Bear My fantastic friends That I have a roof over my head, a job, and good food... Continue Reading →

Liebster Award

I started my blog in September and have been working at discovering as many other blogs as  possible. Some how I was nominated by two other blogs. Thank you so much to The Microread and KaylaAnn. Both are fantastic blogs and if you do not follow them yet, go check them out. Random Facts: I... Continue Reading →

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