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Foodie Friday: S’mores Ice Cream Pie

I wanted a fun, simple recipe to make for the weekend and I came up with one that it is super easy and way too tasty. Next time I make this I’ll make sure there are more people around to share it with so I can’t eat it all. Graham Cracker Pie Crust Favorite Ice

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Foodie Friday: Strawberry-Basil Meringue

I recently made Lemon Balm-Blackberry Meringue and they are fantastic, like biting into a cloud but I wanted to try some other flavor combinations. I have a couple of basil plants growing like crazy and decided that the next version to try was Strawberry-Basil. The flavors go great together already and were wonderful combined in

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Foodie Friday: Lemon Balm-Blackberry Meringue

Last weekend I had enough people over to cook some recipes that make more than Keltin and I should each normally. For dinner I made Coq Au Vin Blanc (from this post) and it turned out fantastic but for dessert I wanted something lighter. Thus I decided to try my hand at a meringue based

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