Poetry: Rediscovery

I wrote this poem last summer. I do not remember the context but I felt that it was a good follow up to last weeks fiction post. Childhood is a time of magic and possibilities. Adults know all and there is an adventure waiting just around the corner. Days full of wonder and delight.  ... Continue Reading →


Prose: Summer

I wrote this after having reread The Great Gatsby as an adult. ************ There is a particular feel to summer. It is not just the warming of the weather that makes it time for tanks, shorts, and flip-flops. Summer months are a time of possibility. When we are little the summer is when we are free... Continue Reading →

Fiction: Starlight Song

This first piece is something I wrote last year. It is not part of anything larger, just a scene that popped into my head and I decided to put it into words. ************ The siren stood wrapped in black furs while standing amid an ice field. She had that had left the southern seas to... Continue Reading →

Fiction Writings & Poetry

Currently the only things that I have posted on my blog have been true stories. Moments from my life, my thoughts on books, and sharing a love of cooking. But the other blogs that I have found and started reading have inspired my to post my own creative work. I don't know how often I'll... Continue Reading →

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