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Writing Group: Non-Fiction: Part III

For this last week’s prompt we thought up a memory from our childhood or teenage years and really worked on describing the senses. The only edits are spelling. The air was crisp, burning lungs in the early morning mountain air. Moisture hung in the air, we were on the side of the Continental Divide where

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Of Reading and Reflection

I finished my second read through of American Gods, or well, a listen as I borrowed the digital audio book from the library. And upon completion it got me thinking. And looking at it in conjunction with The Great Gatsby – I’m currently reading So We Read On about how Gatsby can to be the

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Lunar Eclipse – Blood Wolf Moon

Last night made me wish that I had a telescope as I watched the eclipse from my back patio. Bear exploring the yard under the fading silver-white light. It also made me think and write a bit. This poem is rough but I captures my feelings from last night. The wind in the trees And

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