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Italy: Dinner, Wine, and Dessert

No series on Italy would be complete without a discussion of the glorious food. When I was there it was to study and I some how got away with taking a pairing food and wine class. There is nothing better than studying wine in Italy. I don’t remember what all of these wine are but

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Foodie Friday: Italy Inspired Dinner

Italy Inspired

As you can probably tell from my Foodie Friday posts is that I love to cook. What really makes me happy though is seeing people enjoy my cooking. I realized recently that I had never really cooked for my grandparents. It was an easy decision then to decide that I wanted to cook for them.

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Foodie Friday: My Favorite Recipes

Hey followers, I have been traveling this past week and have not had the chance to whip up a new recipe so I though I would share some of my favorites that I have posted on my blog. Risotto – this is a favorite for a couple of reasons: 1. it tastes amazing, 2. it

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