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Olympic Peninsula: Beach 4 and Tidepools

On our first day in Part Angeles we visited the Olympic National Park Visitor Center before heading up Hurricane Ridge. At the visitor center was a sign listing must see signs to see within Olympic National Parks. One of the things listed was tidepools. We had to see them and I’m really glad we went.

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Olympic Peninsula: Hoh Rainforest

If you go to Olympic National Park and only have time for one hike I highly suggest hiking the Hoh Rainforest. It is a different world. Ancient trees, their limbs heavy with moss. A trail running next to the glacier fed Hoh River lined with giants: trees over 200 feet tall and ferns taller than

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Olympic Peninsula: Forks

Forks is a fairly small timber town located on the rainy side of the Olympic Mountains and the town gained its fame from the Twilight Saga. Fortunately or unfortunately, I’m not sure which, there is now no way to separate Forks from Twilight and this is partly because Forks has accepted it and uses Twilight

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Favorite Photos of 2020

Obviously 2020 was not the year we hoped it would be but Keltin and I did get to travel a little bit. It was an excellent year for hiking and we worked to make sure we were socially distancing. That fact took us to some places with some fantastic views. I share this picture probably

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Olympic Peninsula: Rialto Beach

When most people think of beaches they think tropical, warm sun, white sand. The beaches of the Pacific Northwest are not that but they are beautiful. Misty and quiet except for the sound of the surf and the occasional cry of a seagull. There are a number of beaches that are part of Olympic National

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Olympic Peninsula: Pyramid Peak Trail

Our second hike after Hurricane Ridge was the Pyramid Peak Trail. We had intended initially to hike the Spruce Railroad trail but it was closed so we took a different trail from the same trailhead. To get to the North Shore Day Use Area you travel up highway 101 to the end of the lake

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2020 In Review

This year has not been what I expected it to be. Trips had to changed, cancelled and limited to places we could social distance. Despite that I still had some amazing experiences. Trips: Wimberley Central Kansas Pacific Northwest For all these trips we did our best to social distance or we visited at non peak

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Olympic Peninsula: Lake Crescent

When visiting Olympic National Park make sure to make time for Lake Crescent. I don’t mean just look out the window as you drive past it on the way to the beach or the Hoh Rainforest. Stop, look at the vibrant view of the water, read the informational signs, hike the trails. This part of

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Olympic Peninsula: Hurricane Ridge

Our first morning we decided to drive up to Hurricane Ridge. From research we knew that the visitor center at the top was closed for the season but the one at the bottom, in Port Angeles, was open, with proper social distancing. There are a few visitor centers but due to Covid and the lateness

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A Christmas Bear

We love seeing the lights in downtown Grapevine on Main Street. This year did require some safety measures but we still had a great time! Do you enjoy looking at Christmas lights? Have you seen any good ones this year? Let me know in the comments! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! INSTAGRAM│FACEBOOK│TWITTER│YOUTUBE │KO FI