Foodie Friday: Simple Scones


I love to bake anyway and having all this extra time has been fun adventure for my baking skills. This last week I decided to try my hand at making scones. They ended up being much simpler than I expected them to be and I can’t wait to attempt some varieties with my next batch, maybe blueberry or cinnamon or maybe even savory scones.

This recipe is from the King Arthur Flour website (find it here) and if you need extra help check out their YouTube channel or call their baking help hotline number. I shouldn’t be allowed on their website. I always find a new recipe to try or a new baking tools that I want. These bake at a high temperature; when I made them the oven rack I used was too low and the bottoms got a bit burnt. Make sure to make them with the oven rack in the middle.

We enjoyed our scones with some raspberry jam and they are excellent when paired with a London Fog Latte. The rainy Saturday I made this on required a London Fog and a Matcha Latte.

Again you can find the recipe here. Enjoy this simple scone recipe and have a fantastic weekend. Happy baking!

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