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Slow Down, Write a Letter

Before Christmas I talked about a new pencil store that opened near us recently: Graphite + Paper. And with the start of 2020 they began a quarterly pencil box and we have gotten a chance to enjoy it. This box is about more than just pencils though, it is meant to encourage you to write

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Writing for Others

I can’t do much for others with the current pandemic but I can write and I hope that my words can bring some measure of comfort. On that note, I’ve actually written a short blog post for the outdoor gear company Hiker Hunger to help get us through these turbulent times. If you are curious

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A Birthday Under Quarantine

We aren’t actually under quarantine but we are under a shelter-in-place order. Wednesday was my birthday and it was an odd one, not only because we couldn’t go anywhere but because everyone asked what I was going to be doing since I couldn’t go out. In preparation for being stuck at home I bought a

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