I know its crazy, my little blog actually some some affiliates. Some of these I use their products and post about them, some of them I write for but all of them are awesome.

TreeTribe is an outdoors company that plants ten trees for every purchase. So lets get some carbon out of the air with those trees. They have everything from clothes to vegan leaf leather journals and purses.

The other company I am an affiliate with is just as cool. Wildish makes outdoorsy gear  from hammocks to clothes. I personally love my tank, super comfortable. Also, if you decide you like them use my link for 20% off!

Texas Festival Series

I also write for a site called Travel Ponders. As I go to festivals around the great state of Texas I send them posts. Don’t miss the 4th of July one!

Real Estate Blog Writing

I’ve also done some writing for a real estate agent to help expand upon not just the homes but upon the benefits of the location. You can see my posts here on his site, click the blog drop down.

If you or anyone else needs writing done for them please see my Fiverr page. Or I can be reached through my Contact Page.