Candied Blood Orange with Dark Chocolate


Last week I discussed the lamb dinner that I made for my wonderful grandparents but I did leave out details on the dessert that I made for the evening: candied blood orange slices with dark chocolate sprinkled with Malden salt. This is not my recipe I found it while looking for a different recipe and it stuck with me. Find the original recipe here.

Orange Slices in the Poaching Syrup

I made a big mistake in not reading more that the ingredients initially, these were supposed to air dry for 24 hours before being dipped in chocolate, I had less than 12 hours and no time to figure out a different recipe. So I looked up how long to dry them in the oven. After the poaching my orange slices when into the oven for 3 hours at 200°F. They were a bit dryer than I would have preferred but overall I was quite happy with the oven drying method.

Chocolate dipped and salted

While the orange slices are drying, reduce the poaching liquid you used. It turns into a beautiful ruby colored simple syrup that can be used in drinks or to add a finishing touch to a dessert dish.

The finished product!

These oranges were a hit and not one was left. I’m really happy how they turned out and I’m excited to try them again properly! Get the recipe here. Do you like candied oranges? Let em know in the comments. Happy cooking!

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