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Summer Comfort Foods

Winter comfort foods are easy; thick stews and hot bread to keep you warm. All the delicious carbs and rich sauces with hot tea or coco. Warm weather comfort foods are difficult. You don’t want anything too heavy but still want that comfortable feeling. I love fresh vegetables and fruits and herbs during the warmer

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Foodie Friday: Strawberry-Basil Meringue

I recently made Lemon Balm-Blackberry Meringue and they are fantastic, like biting into a cloud but I wanted to try some other flavor combinations. I have a couple of basil plants growing like crazy and decided that the next version to try was Strawberry-Basil. The flavors go great together already and were wonderful combined in

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Foodie Friday: Lemon Balm-Blackberry Meringue

Last weekend I had enough people over to cook some recipes that make more than Keltin and I should each normally. For dinner I made Coq Au Vin Blanc (from this post) and it turned out fantastic but for dessert I wanted something lighter. Thus I decided to try my hand at a meringue based

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