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Foodie Friday: Your Favorite Recipe

Hey followers, I have been traveling this past week and have not had the chance to whip up a new recipe so I though I would share some of my favorites that I have posted on my blog. Risotto – this is a favorite for a couple of reasons: 1. it tastes amazing, 2. it

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Study Abroad: Siena: Summer 2012

During my study abroad trip ISA had scheduled a couple day trips for us students and the first one was to Siena. We were supposed to visit Verona but unfortunately there were some minor earthquakes in the area and so we went to Siena instead. I don’t feel that this was a bad switch at

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Foodie Friday: Italy Inspired – Risotto

I love risotto but it is always expensive at restaurants. Some of the best risotto that I have ever had was in Sienna, Italy. On the outdoor patio I had Gorgonzola risotto with pears and a balsamic sauce. Glorious. My attempted recreation of it was not to my liking but my parents loved it. Anyway

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