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Italy: Dinner, Wine, and Dessert

No series on Italy would be complete without a discussion of the glorious food. When I was there it was to study and I some how got away with taking a pairing food and wine class. There is nothing better than studying wine in Italy. I don’t remember what all of these wine are but

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Italy: Street Artists

One of the things that I loved about Florence and Italy in general was the street artists. You can find them by following the music or the laughter. In addition to the performers and musicians there are painters and other artisans selling their work in the piazzas. I spent more money than I want to

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Italy: Palazzo Vecchio

When you think about the skyline of Florence, the impressive dome of the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore first comes to mind. The masterpiece of the Italian Renissance, a master of architecture and engineering by Brunelleschi. The magnificent dome is not the only thing to rise above the homes in Florence, so to does

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Italy: Gates of Paradise

The East doors of the Baptistery of San Giovanni were called by Michelangelo, upon their completion, the Gates of Paradise. Ten panels depicting the Old Testament in images laid in gold. Even if you do not go into the Baptistery itself it is difficult not to stop and stare at these magnificent doors and the

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Italy: Florence Cathedral and Bell Tower

On my first or second morning in Florence my home-stay roommate and I climbed the Bell Tower next to Florence Cathedral (Duomo). The 414 steep steps tried to kill me. The view is worth it at the top. The structure is beautiful, white, red, and green marble. Building began in 1334 and was completed in

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Thinking Back to Italy

Italy Inspired

I haven’t posted about Italy in a long while but I have been craving some risotto lately and decide to make some this weekend along with some herbed focaccia bread. I bought so many fresh herbs and I love it when my house smells like warm bread! What recipes help you remember wonderful adventures? Happy

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