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Foodie Friday: Italy Inspired – Risotto


I love risotto but it is always expensive at restaurants. Some of the best risotto that I have ever had was in Sienna, Italy. On the outdoor patio I had Gorgonzola risotto with pears and a balsamic sauce. Glorious. My attempted recreation of it was not to my liking but my parents loved it. Anyway this recipe is not the Gorgonzola risotto, it is my basic recipe from which all my other risotto recipes stem. Enjoy!

**WARNING** I cook as much by directions as by taste. If you have questions please ask.



  1. In a large pot heat 1 tbs of olive oil on medium-high heat. Once hot add 1 tsp minced garlic and the chopped shallot. Saute until the garlic begins to brown (30-45 seconds).
  2. Turn temperature down to a low-medium heat (if your stove top has numbers, a 3). Add 1 c. arborio rice and 1 c. white wine. Cook until wind is reduced and starting to absorb into rice – about 5 minutes.
  3. Add chicken broth 1 c. at a time until risotto is desired tenderness. Stirring occasionally. This should take approximately 30-45 minutes.
  4. Take risotto off the heat. Stir in butter and cheese until melted. Salt and pepper to taste.

**Tips: To make saffron risotto simmer the chicken broth in a small pot with 6 saffron stamens. Add an additional ½ c. chicken broth to make up for any reduction. Simmer 15 minutes. Use this broth for the risotto as directed above.

**Tips: To make mushroom risotto saute thick sliced baby portobello mushrooms in olive oil with an additional 1/2 of a shallot. High temperature and use less oil than you think you need. Add the mushrooms to the risotto when you add the cheese and butter.

Making saffron risotto.

In Progress.

Final step.

Dinner is ready.

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  1. Gorgonzola risotto with pears and a balsamic sauce . . . I was hooked right there. But thank you for not stopping there, seriously. This might not be your Gorgonzola risotto, but it looks fantastic!

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    1. I’ll post that recipe sometime but I have to find the balsamic sauce because it’s not regular balsamic vinegar. And thank you! This recipe is definitely a favorite in our house. I hope you enjoy it.

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