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Fredericksburg Brewing Company

There are many places to stop and drink along Main Street in Fredericksburg, heck there is a one block wide but several block long stretch where you can drink as you walk along the street. Most of those places are wineries, it makes sense as we are in the heart of Texas Wine Country. But

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Texas Hill Country: Walnut Canyon Cabins

During our recent trip to Fredericksburg we wanted to stay somewhere different. Keltin came across the Walnut Canyon Cabins. Wonderful and quiet. The property has seven cabins of varying sizes about 15 minutes from Fredericksburg. The roads to get there were lush with trees and wildflowers and in the evening – white tail deer. We

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Texas Hill Country: Alamo Springs Cafe

Keltin and I were starving after we reached Fredericksburg and after checking in we decided to stop in at a local burger joint that we had seen on the drive in. Alamo Springs Cafe isn’t exactly in the middle of nowhere but there are a couple of miles between in and the next nearest restaurant.

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