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Hiking Eisenhower State Park Part II

In February of this year Keltin and I visited Eisenhower State Park for the first time but it was a cold trip and the hiking trails were so muddy that we stopped trudging through the mile after little more than a mile. We decided that this state park needed a chance at redemption. We decided

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Hiking Cross Timbers Trail

We have been doing are best to hike local trails. It is fun and gives us an opportunity to really explore the area. Many of the local trails are along various parts of Lake Grapevine. The Cross Timbers Trail is open to hikers and those on horseback. This trail is listed as an equestrian trail

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Writing for Others

I can’t do much for others with the current pandemic but I can write and I hope that my words can bring some measure of comfort. On that note, I’ve actually written a short blog post for the outdoor gear company Hiker Hunger to help get us through these turbulent times. If you are curious

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