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Discover Texas Giveaway

My Discover Texas Giveaway ends on April 30th! Don’t forget to enter! If you want a preview of what Discover Texas is all about then check out the Dallas Weekend here! If you want exclusive content, make sure to sign up for the McGee Travel Tales email list! INSTAGRAM│FACEBOOK│TWITTER│YOUTUBE │KO FI If you like my

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Colorado: Box Cañon Falls Park

One of the things suggested by our new bookshop friend in Ouray was to visit Box Cañon Falls. This beautiful canyon is a short drive up the road and the trails are fairly easy. There were a ton of chipmunks on the trail but luckily we did not see any in the parking lot. Keltin

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Colorado: Exploring Ouray

Keltin and I love exploring little towns. They are quirky and typically have good food and old buildings that present great opportunities for photos – Ouray was no exception. We were starving by the time we got there but it was still a bit too early for lunch so we wandered and found a bookstore.

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