Exploring while Stay-At-Home


This being stuck in doors with little idea of the end is rough on all of us. I love to travel and my daily walks are not a substitute for a good long hike. They do help me not go too stir crazy though.

Great Sand Dunes National Park

Thankfully the internet is a wonderful thing and it gives us the chance to explore distant places that feet cannot currently tread. One of those is our National Parks! With Google Earth you can explore 30 of our beautiful National Parks and explore the trails and wonders of nature.

One of the things that I have really been enjoying is Fossil Rims weekday Facebook live streams to see the animals. This is a beautiful way to start the morning or to end the work day. Fossil Rim is a drive through safari that works works to the preservation of endangered species.

And on top of it all, lots of brands are sharing some fantastic playlists to help us all get through these odd days.

Bear at Little Jerusalem Badlands State Park

Stay safe and travel with care when you can travel again.


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  1. Times are tough for so many people right now aren’t they? Being inside for the majority of the time can be difficult if you are used to be out and about and doing a lot of walking. We’re just settling into our new self-contained apartment today where we will be for at least two months. So far so good. Keep safe and healthy Laci.

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