Date Night Ideas: Paint and Sip


It has been a while since my last date night post. This one was Keltin’s idea and it was a ton of fun! Instead of going to a paint and sip place like Paining with a Twist we painted at home while enjoying a bit of bubbly and a cheese board from YaYa Yum Boards, instead of us making one. A mini board was perfect for two people. Follow these steps for your own date night!


  • Before you buy supplies – find the video you want to follow. A lot of these videos will tell you the paint colors and the types of brushes you need along with the canvas sizes. These are great guidelines. Below is the video we selected.
  • Buy supplies and use what you have at home:
    • Paint to match the selected video.
    • Brushes – these can be reused and weren’t a perfect match for the video but they didn’t need to be perfect and we were able to be creative.
    • Canvas – we used small ones similar to the suggested size.
    • Something to paint on (we used chairs covered in cardboard to protect them), easels can be inexpensive.
    • Something to put paint on (we used paper plates).
    • Water to clean brushes (mason jars are my favorite) and paper towels.
    • Something to cover the floor (we used newspaper), cheap shower curtains or tarps work well.
  • Favorite drink to sip any maybe finger foods.
  • Set up your paint station and make sure you can reach everything.
  • Enjoy!

Our Paint and Sip Setup

Snacking set-up
Paining set-up, the extra brushes were on the floor.
The work in progress.

Finished Products

This was a fun, simple date night that let us be creative together and show off our paining skills! Have you done a paint and sip before? Let me know what you think in the comments! Happy painting!

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