Working From Home: Reality


This week is marks my fourth week working from home. It seems odd that it has been that long. I have lost count of my days sheltering in place. The days seem to be flying by and yet also somehow going at a snails pace. A month ago and to this day I still get emails telling me how best to work from home. There is some good advice in those words but sometimes they don’t feel like they are based in the same reality as the rest of us. I though I’d share the reality of my day working from home.

Waking Up – Early? And Getting Dressed

My fiance and I are of different minds about this aspect. He is up early and likes to sit outside and read for a bit before starting the day. As much as I love to read, I also love my sleep and I stay in bed for a bit longer. There is no wrong way to start your day. I typically work in workout clothes. They are comfortable without feeling like pajamas.

Work Space and Coworkers

Both of us have a dedicated work space set up at the house. That is one piece of advice that we did take. Once the clocks start we are at work and don’t mess with the other or give each other honey-to-do lists. When we take calls we use our headphones and give the other a heads up so as not to interrupt the other’s work. The exception is Bear, he is the cutest coworker and we can’t resist giving him a scratch if he walks past.

Also, make a point of talking to your actual coworkers, even just a simple good morning or asking how their weekend went helps keep up social interaction.

Breaks and Lunch

At the office you get up and move around during the day. My first week at home I wasn’t very good about taking breaks. Keltin and I don’t take many but we make a point to do push-ups and crunches every couple of hours. This keeps us at least a little active during the day. We also up the count every week.

Keltin and I take lunch at the same time most days. It gives us a chance to relax and it us allows us to ensure that we aren’t disturbing each other by making noise in the kitchen while the other is working. We also use this time as a chance to stretch out legs and, weather permitting, take Bear on a short walk.

Work Hours

Something that really helped Keltin and I was setting our working hours. We start and end at specific times unless we need to work late – which happens. We do our best to leave work in those hours.

I know this is a break from the regularly scheduled travel on my blog but these times are an unlooked for adventure in themselves. I hope these tips help you and I hope that they make your working from home life a bit easier in this odd time. Stay safe!

Until we can travel again…

Thank you KW Photography for allowing me to use your wonderful photo!


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  1. I’ve been working from home for ten years, but my husband is now working from home too (or, well, he’s supposed to be) which took a bit of getting used to. I’m super organized with my schedule, while he’s very loose goosey with his so it can be a little frustrating. Ah well, I do miss weekends though.

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  2. Well, I’m glad that you’re finding ways to cope! I’m still at work but I still feel like I forget what day it is… every day feels the same now!! Hopefully things don’t take to long to get back to normal! Stay safe and sane!!

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