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Ireland: Dublin

We did not have enough time in Dublin. I feel like that was the theme of this trip: too much to see and not enough time. We split our time between planned visits, such as the Book of Kells and Guinness Storehouse, and just exploring the city on foot. As with the other Irish cities

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Nebraska: Kinkaider Brewing Co.

While visiting Keltin’s brother on our way home we stopped for some local beer at Kinkaider Brewing. This is a great brewery that was started in Omaha, NE. We visited the Grand Island location. The food was just as good as the beer. Our Beer Flight: Devil’s Gap Jalapeno Ale (ABV 4.7%) – I’m not

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Italy: Street Artists

One of the things that I loved about Florence and Italy in general was the street artists. You can find them by following the music or the laughter. In addition to the performers and musicians there are painters and other artisans selling their work in the piazzas. I spent more money than I want to

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Unexpected Street Art

Abandon Hotel Mineral Wells Texas

After hiking at Lake Mineral Wells State Park we explored the actual town a bit. Mineral Wells is probably best well know for the Baker Hotel. A building that towers over the city, a now closed remnant from the 1930’s. We wanted to explore the area a bit and take some photos of the old

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Study Abroad: Florence Signs: Summer 2012

I had so much fun with the Italian street art both good, bad, ancient and new that I decided that this week to show off some of the street signs. Some are more antique and some are down right odd. Not sure why but I love odd signs, they make the normal amusing. I’m going

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Study Abroad: Street Art: Summer 2012

Florence is a city known for its art, from Michelangelo’s David to the works hanging in the Uffizi Gallery. But there is also a good bit of street art. Some of it is fantastic, some it not and some has a history. Some of this is legal and some is probably not – I’ll let you

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