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Happy Earth Day

Happy Earth Day! In celebration of Earth Day here are few simple things you can do: What do you do to be more sustainable day to day? Let me know in the comments! I hope you enjoy these photos of the wonders of nature. Safe travels.

Study Abroad: Monteriggioni: Summer 2012

I realize that it has been a while since I’ve posted about my study abroad trip but I felt that it was more important to post the most recent adventures first. To take you back I visited Italy during the summer of 2012. The class was in Florence but we started in Rome and took

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Colorado: Trail Ridge Road: August 2017

Once we were off the Cascade Falls trails Keltin and I decided to make our way to Estes Park by way of Trail Ridge Road. The Highway to the Sky is 48 miles long and takes about two hours to drive due to the road grade and switch backs. For Keltin and I it took

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Colorado: Cascade Falls: August 2017

The stories of my Alaskan adventure have all been told but that trip was not the only one that I took out into the wilderness. Keltin and I spent a week in Colorado. We spent some time in the mountain cities but most of our time was spent hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park. The

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