Italy: Dinner, Wine, and Dessert


No series on Italy would be complete without a discussion of the glorious food. When I was there it was to study and I some how got away with taking a pairing food and wine class. There is nothing better than studying wine in Italy.

I don’t remember what all of these wine are but the middle one is a vin santo. It is a dessert wine and one of my least favorites but the color is beautiful.

For our class the final project was to pair three fish dishes with red wine when typically white wine is paired with fish. One of the dishes was an octopus salad.

Pasta with truffles

I love to try new drinks. If you want to try something new it is a safe place to start because if you don’t like it you don’t feel guilty about tossing a drink like you might a meal.


If you can imagine a flavor you can find it in a gelato shop in Italy. My personal favorite was a sweet cream and strawberry. The oddest was sesame – it was a black gelato, not bad just odd. If you go to Italy, enjoy the food. It is all wonderful and make sure to try the odd things – you might like them.

To see more of Italy visit here and for a recipe for Italian risotto visit here – safe travels.

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  1. Ah Italian food is definitely the best. Their ice creams and pastas are just amazing. We’ve been so many times but never fail to try as much new food as possible. Delicious.

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