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Study Abroad: Loggia dei Lanzi: Summer 2012

Connected to Piazza della Signorina is Loggia dei Lanzi. It is a beautiful arched and covered gallery built in the 14th century. If I remember correctly many of the pieces are replicas but that does not mean that this still it took to recreate the statues was any less. The artwork in this gallery is

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Study Abroad: Piazza della Signoria: Summer 2012

Warning: Nude Statues When studying abroad in Florence as a very young adult I was actually kind of embarrassed at first with all of the nude statues. I no longer am, after the first couple of days of seeing nude art all the embarrassment fades. The pieces below are standing in the Piazza della Signoria

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Study Abroad: Florence: Day 1: Summer 2012

Last week I didn’t give my first real impression of Florence. I honestly think I was overwhelmed when I first arrived. The city is beautiful and old. The walls and buildings hold memories of times  much older than America. The streets are mostly narrow and all are cobbled. My first full day in the city

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