Italy: Street Artists


One of the things that I loved about Florence and Italy in general was the street artists. You can find them by following the music or the laughter. In addition to the performers and musicians there are painters and other artisans selling their work in the piazzas. I spent more money than I want to admit buying are from these street vendors and tipping the performers.

These performers and artists are, in part, the life of Florence; they ensure that music still fills the streets. The artists paint the beauty of the countryside and the city. My favorite piece that I bought is Peter Pan flying with Tinker Bell over the Duomo. When you visit, take a moment to enjoy the performances.

If you want to see more of Italy visit here. Safe travels!

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    1. It is a beautiful country to visit and there is way too much to see and do. Do all you can then go back to visit again. Thank you for visiting!


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