Leaning Tower

Italy: Pisa


When I was studying aboard my friends and I visited Pisa on one of the few free weekends we had. Most weekends had trips scheduled like to Siena. My visit did not do justice to the city. The day was really hot and I did not drink enough water. I’m pretty sure I ended up being a bit sun sick. The city was beautiful. The area around the Leaning Tower was a wide green lawn, there was not a cloud in the sky, and all the buildings were white.

Cathedral at Piazza dei Miracoli

One of the things that I should have done was climb the leaning tower. I didn’t at the time because it was hot and I didn’t feel great and those seemed to be good excuses at the time. Since then though I’ve kicked myself for walking away. I do my best now to always do everything I can on a trip because you never know if or when you will make it back.

If you have the opportunity, I do suggest visiting Pisa. Buy all of your tickets beforehand – it will save you so much time. We only had a short day in this beautiful Italian city before having to the train back to Florence but it was worth it. Given time I would have visited the Cathedral, Baptistery, and Museum. Take your lesson from me and don’t miss the opportunity.

The Leaning Tower

Stay safe and when you can travel, travel well. If you want to visit more of Italy with me click here.


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  1. Beautiful shots of a stunning place Laci. Never been to Pisa but always wanted to so maybe when all of this crisis is over we will organise that trip. Italy is a spectacular country to visit.

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  2. Being sick in Italy is a theme for me…stomach woes the first time right as we were getting ready to visit Pompeii, and weirdly incurable jet lag the second time I was in Florence (it didn’t help that we were staying on what seemed like THE noisiest street in town). Maybe I’ll make it back one day and NOT get sick (third time’s a charm, right?). Love the straight up black & white photo, by the way :))

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    1. Oh no! I’m sorry you were sick! And that whole piazza just begs to be shot in black and white – it’s so pretty!


  3. Pisa has never been on my travel list I don’t really know why maybe because I don’t know a lot about it but your photos are beautiful! I am sorry you weren’t feeling well hopefully you will be able to visit again one day and climb the tower of Pisa

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