Foodie Friday: Italy Inspired: Tiramisu

My adventure making Tiramisu!


I haven’t written about my time there yet but in college I studied abroad in Florence Italy for a summer. While there I also ate a lot of food and along with gelato and marinara pizza my favorite thing was the tiramisu. I had had tiramisu in the states but it was so much better there.

It was several years before I made tiramisu myself. I would like to say that my first experiment was a success. Success does not mean that I didn’t learn a few things:

  • Always have more espresso than the recipe call for.
  • Don’t soak the ladyfingers even a moment too long because they will fall to pieces.
  • Mixers are great tools for combining the milk and mascarpone.

For this recipe I actually used cold brew coffee concentrate rather than espresso because I don’t have a way to make espresso at home. I went to Starbucks and talked to the baristas and told them what I was doing and what I needed. Yes, I could have bought enough espresso for my recipe but it would have cost more than was reasonable.

This recipe came from a Good Housekeeping Cookbook that was given years ago. At the time I thought it was a stupid gift. Now, I love it and thank my Nana for it quite often. I made this for my stepdad when we visited for an early Thanksgiving. 

This is after a layer of espresso and brandy soaked ladyfingers, a layer of mascarpone/heavy cream, and a second layer of espresso soaked ladyfingers.

Finished product with coco powder sprinkled on top with a garnish of blueberries and mint leaves.

**All pictures by Laci McGee.

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  1. I have a soft spot for tiramisu (and espresso). Mouth-watering. The best cake ever.
    The best one, however, I’ve eaten in Munich, not in Italy (which is often called a northern Italian city, with many Italians living and working here, so it’s no wonder), so if you ever stop by, make sure you visit ‘Rischart’ pastry shop for tiramisu like no other.

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