Summer Comfort Foods


Winter comfort foods are easy; thick stews and hot bread to keep you warm. All the delicious carbs and rich sauces with hot tea or coco. Warm weather comfort foods are difficult. You don’t want anything too heavy but still want that comfortable feeling. I love fresh vegetables and fruits and herbs during the warmer part of the year.


  • Lemonade – I absolutely LOVE fresh squeezed lemonade. It can be a pain to make but is well worth the effort.
  • Cold Beer – A cold lager, pilsner, or blonde ale on hot day go down really well.

Light Dishes

  • Bruschetta – This is a super tasty way to use those garden fresh tomatoes and basil!
  • Quinoa or couscous arugula-mint salad – Adding a little mint and lemon zest to any salad with brighten it up in some fantastic ways.
  • Fresh Salsa – I should have a couple of new salsa recipes for you soon, I’m using family as taste testers!


  • Pasta or gnocchi in pesto – I love a good pesto, they are easy to make and you can play with so many different flavors!
  • Grilled fish with lemon and dill – light and flaky with bight, bold flavors with out being too heavy.


  • Berries with cream – I just make homemade whipped cream and dip strawberries into while relaxing on a back patio.
  • Meringue – These are kind of a pain to make, however, the flavor is incredible and they are like biting into a cloud.
  • Popsicles – A hot summer day is the perfect time for a fruity popsicle whether you buy them or make them they hit the spot and take you back a bit to seemingly less crazy times.

I hope that these ideas and recipes help you find that perfect summer dish! Have a great weekend!

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