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Poetry: Golden Hour Flames

I play co-ed softball and the other night I was so distracted by the sunset that I was barley paying attention to the game. I don't much action in right field so its not too terrible of me. Yes we did win - 4 to 3, really close game. Anyway, this is the poem that… Continue reading Poetry: Golden Hour Flames

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Poetry: Drop of Color

Spring seems to finally be here and should be enjoyed by all. Hope everyone enjoys this poem, I know its been a while since I posted a creative piece. ************ Drop of color Light of day Shinny Bright Blinding First a ray Then a wave Dawn unfolds   Birds herrold Piping shrill Awakening Enlightening Day… Continue reading Poetry: Drop of Color

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Weekend Wanderings: Visiting My College Town as an Adult

My thoughts as an Alumni regarding hometowns, college towns, and professors that made a difference. Click to read more.