Belize: Sunset Lounge


One of the little things that I wanted to do while on our adventure was to see the sunset. The sun rises early in Belize and it also gets dark fairly early. The resort told us to check out the Sunset Lounge on the roof of a building near El Fogon. The view was a winner. Three stories isn’t very high but the building near it were only one story and we had a wonderful view.

We had fun taking pictures!

It was a bit late and a bit cloudy by the time we got there but the colors were still wonderful. Lots of blues with bits of pink and yellow.

Sorry for the photo quality – I had to snag this from Snapchat

The actual bar and most of the seating is covered but there are no walls and the view can be seen all around. We tried the local beer, Belikin. Its not bad, not a lite beer but good for the tropics. If I get the chance to go back to Ambergris Caye, I’ll defiantly come back for a visit to this bar with its friendly staff and wonderful view.

Local Beer
A ferris wheel


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