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An Evenings Walk

Keltin and I live near a lake and enjoy walking to it in the evenings with typically a hyper Bear. Between the wildflowers and the sunset this was a wonderful little adventure.

Weekend Wanderings: To Kansas

Keltin and I recently made a weekend trip up to Kansas for a good friend’s wedding. The wedding was beautiful and the reception was a blast. On the drive up I insisted that we stop to take pictures if we saw anything neat. Well, not 5 minutes later we came across these old buildings and

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Study Abroad: Florence: Arrival: Summer 2012

Back to Italy we go. On the road from Rome to Florence in the Tuscany region. ISA bused us from Rome to Italy. I guess it was faster than the trains and they could control arrival and departure times. The drive through Italy was beautiful. Green and lush and just waiting to be explored. I

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China: Goddess Stream: March 2016

Our second excursions on our trip down the Yangtze was along a tributary. We traveled in little wooden boats with yellow roofs. The windows were on a track and were easy to open but it was a chilly day. The windows were opened for pictures but they didn’t stay that way.  Before the Three Gorges

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China: Climbing the Pagoda: March 2016

Our first port along the Yangtze was a little village with a fantastic pagoda with ninety-nine stairs to the top. The walk through the town to the pagoda was just as interesting as the structure itself. Starting at the end of the ramp to get off the boat and stretching about a hundred yards were

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Colorado: Ute Trail: August 2017

My favorite hike and the longest one that we went on was the Ute Trail. The trailhead started at Milner Pass and ended at the Alpine Visitors Center. Four miles each way and the trail started at two miles above sea level and we gained a bit more altitude over the course of the hike.

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