Poetry: Golden Hour Flames


I play co-ed softball and the other night I was so distracted by the sunset that I was barley paying attention to the game. I don’t much action in right field so its not too terrible of me. Yes we did win – 4 to 3, really close game. Anyway, this is the poem that came from that sunset.


Scarlet and vermilion,
flame of clouds
fade to dusty blue
melting into indigo.
Horizon aglow as dying embers,
day’s hearth blanketed
by the ever returning night.
Fire has not left the world
Golden-yellow luna rises
Growing hotter,
pale gold as she climbs.
I’m caught starting between
Dying warmth and glowing silver.
Ever repeating pattern of beauty;
dance of light of flame.


Hope you enjoyed this short poem! Have you ever been distracted by something beautiful? Let me know.

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