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Poetry: Golden Hour Flames

I play co-ed softball and the other night I was so distracted by the sunset that I was barley paying attention to the game. I don't much action in right field so its not too terrible of me. Yes we did win - 4 to 3, really close game. Anyway, this is the poem that… Continue reading Poetry: Golden Hour Flames

Fiction & Poetry

Poetry: Drop of Color

Spring seems to finally be here and should be enjoyed by all. Hope everyone enjoys this poem, I know its been a while since I posted a creative piece. ************ Drop of color Light of day Shinny Bright Blinding First a ray Then a wave Dawn unfolds   Birds herrold Piping shrill Awakening Enlightening Day… Continue reading Poetry: Drop of Color

Fiction & Poetry

Poetry: Scavenger Hunt

Books, wonders of humanity, stories that last centuries. Ideas that persist through, through years and change. Books are now easy to find online but I prefer the search. To find the stories that I crave in quiet corners of a used bookstore. Sitting on the floor, looking up at shelves packed with books. Listening for… Continue reading Poetry: Scavenger Hunt

Fiction & Poetry

Poetry: Urban Melody

Out we went riding, bikes bumping, thumping as wheels turned over on uneven sidewalks. Soon I heard high notes, at first I believed the sound came from the bikes chaines, but soon learned of the true origins. The notes are the squeal of breaks on the tracks. Each break producing its own unique note. Beneath… Continue reading Poetry: Urban Melody

Weekend Wanderings

Thank You Followers!

I've reached over 200 followers on McGee's Travel Tales! I want to say thank you to everyone and I hope that you are enjoying all of my posts, stores and recipes. If you are a recent follower here are the categories that I post to: Travel Tales - Travel stores and adventures Weekend Wanderings -… Continue reading Thank You Followers!