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Equipment Review: Canon EOS Rebel T6

I have been asked recently about the type of camera I use for the pictures on this blog. There are two answers. First is my iPhone, it is easy and is almost always in my pocket. The second is our Canon Rebel T6. If you are looking to get into photography or just want a… Continue reading Equipment Review: Canon EOS Rebel T6

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China: Three Gorges Dam: Lock System: March 2016

Our last major excursion on the Yangtze was the Three Gorges Dam. A few facts first about the Three Gorges Dam before I tell my story. The building of this dam displaced over a million people and flooded villages, towns and cities. Covering homes and industrial buildings in millions of gallons of water. I spoke… Continue reading China: Three Gorges Dam: Lock System: March 2016

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China: Goddess Stream: March 2016

Our second excursions on our trip down the Yangtze was along a tributary. We traveled in little wooden boats with yellow roofs. The windows were on a track and were easy to open but it was a chilly day. The windows were opened for pictures but they didn’t stay that way.  Before the Three Gorges… Continue reading China: Goddess Stream: March 2016

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Weekend Wanderings: Trains and Photography

A few weeks ago my boyfriend and a friend of ours hung out. The guys wanted to shoot some train photography. If you want to check out their photos click here and here to see their Instagram accounts. My boyfriend and I have a Canon Rebel T6 and most of the time I’m content to… Continue reading Weekend Wanderings: Trains and Photography

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China: Chongqing and the Yangtze: March 2016

Sorry for the delay in posting. Life gets in the way of writing sometimes but I back at it. On our last morning in Xi’an I and two of the friends I’d made in China, that were in the tour group with us, took a walk towards to remnants of the wall that had once… Continue reading China: Chongqing and the Yangtze: March 2016

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China: Rickshaw and Hutongs: March 2016

Our second day in Beijing was spent at the Forbidden City, where the emperors of China once lived. I have actually posted this story already and you can read it here. Also, if you have any interest in learning more about the Forbidden City check out the movie The Last Emperor. This review of the… Continue reading China: Rickshaw and Hutongs: March 2016

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Colorado: Ute Trail: August 2017

My favorite hike and the longest one that we went on was the Ute Trail. The trailhead started at Milner Pass and ended at the Alpine Visitors Center. Four miles each way and the trail started at two miles above sea level and we gained a bit more altitude over the course of the hike.… Continue reading Colorado: Ute Trail: August 2017