Moss Lake Sunset

Unintentional Hiatus


Good afternoon followers! I hope that everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving holiday. I know that I did and immensely enjoyed a couple extra days off from work. The holiday kept me busy cooking and cleaning along with just spending time with family and as such I had a bit of an unintentional hiatus. 

I am back this week though with travel stories and recipes. But until those post enjoy these photos from the holiday. 

I was trying to take landscape photos but the lighting wasn’t working in my favor. So I pet these curious guy instead. They were quite friendly.
Moss Lake Sunset
I almost missed the sunset but managed to snap this right before full night settled.
Bear on a Log
Bear loves to explore and he hopped up here without any prompting.
Black and White Landscape
My parents have some property that I don’t spend enough time at. I took this right before I left to go home.

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