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A Ghostly Photoshoot

Halloween has passed and Thanksgiving is almost here but I had to share these photos. I’ve been wanting to do this forever with Bear and we had a ton of fun with it. Bear was such a good boy but once he was done, he was done. In his defense, it is HOT under that

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Dinosaurs in the Garden

Grapevine was supposed to have a Jurassic Garden event at the botanic gardens – due to the pandemic it was rightly cancelled but we did get some pictures with the dinos before everything was closed. They were still setting up for the event at the time so some of these dinosaurs were only partly put

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Garden Photo Shoot

The weekend before the shelter-in-place order came in Keltin and I practiced some social distancing at the local botanic garden for a little photo shoot. Despite thinking I was going to freeze these were so much fun to take and Keltin got to show off his photography skills! I loved getting to feel like a

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