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Pollinator Gardening for Beginners

This is a video I have been thinking about for a while. I don’t discuss gardening much on this blog but I do think that it is something important. I do have a garden and I’m working on more – including doing prep work over the winter. I will admit that I am behind on

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Wildflyer Mead Co.

Mead is delicious and one of my favorite things to do while traveling is visit local mead, beer, or wine makers. Wildflyer is a new mead company outside of Navasota, TX and it is wonderful. We stopped in at the gift shop first and bought some wonderful honey and seeds to start a pollinator garden

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Creek House Honey Farm: Canyon, TX

Last weekend I visited Canyon, TX with my friends for WT’s homecoming in the new stadium. But there are a number of wonderful things in Canyon besides WTAMU. One of those is Creek House Honey Farm. A little shop and winery where you can sample and buy local honey and other products made with honey

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