Wildflower Art Classes: Ceramics & Drawing


Keltin and I both really enjoy art: seeing it and creating it. However trying out new things can be expensive if you have to buy everything. Thankfully there is a local art studio that does classes occasionally and we decided to take a few of them. The studio is called Wildflower Art Studio and the woman that runs it is wonderfully upbeat and encourages her student to enjoy the mess and to slow down. There is enough chaos in everyday life. We don’t need to rush everything especially art. Below are our first two classes.

This is not an ad, I just really enjoyed these classes.

Intro to Ceramics

For this class we made two pieces: a pinch pot and a wall art pieces made through a slab technique. The type of clay we used for these projects dried after about four days and did not need to be fired in a kiln. However, it is not food safe. These are decorative pieces only. I will post a picture of the pinch pot once I have it painted on my Instagram.

I haven’t gotten a chance to work with clay since I was in elementary school. This is something that I have wanted to do for a while. Working with clay reminded my a lot of baking. Working the clay before molding it and getting clay under my fingernails like I do dough.

I though the clay class was great. Part of art is getting your hands dirty, you have to feel it and that class was a perfect example of that. You have to use your hands.


Intro to Drawing

The clay class was one that I wanted to do and Keltin selected an intro to drawing class. We both enjoying adding illustrations to our travel journals but learned with this class that we have different styles. He prefers the look of the pencil drawings where I prefer the look of the pen drawings – I need to work on my shading though.

This class was smaller than the last one. This was due to the level of detail that was provided. As students we were walked through looking at detail, creating the shapes, and shading for both styles of drawing. Are we experts after one class? No, but we have a better understanding of the process.

Drawing the eye was very technical but Emily (owner) walked us through how to do it very well. By the time we finished, we felt like we could do it again.

– Keltin

In this day and age, all the art we see online is perfect but it is okay to be a beginner. We all have to start somewhere. Also, not all art has to be for profit. We can create imperfect pieces for ourselves to enjoy. Today I set you a challenge, go create something for yourself. Have a wonderful weekend.

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