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Capturing in Watercolor

Since I wrote last about picking up my watercolor brushes again I have gotten a variety of new supplies. I might have inadvertently ended up with two watercolor kits. The first is one I take with me on hikes and other trips and the other is for use at home. Travel Kit My Cotman Watercolor

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A Christmas Bear

We love seeing the lights in downtown Grapevine on Main Street. This year did require some safety measures but we still had a great time! Do you enjoy looking at Christmas lights? Have you seen any good ones this year? Let me know in the comments! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! INSTAGRAM│FACEBOOK│TWITTER│YOUTUBE │KO FI

Olympic Peninsula: Pike Place Market, Seattle

We landed in Seattle around breakfast time, Keltin and I were both starving. We decided to head straight from the airport to Pike Place Market. I love farmer’s markets and this one is by far my favorite so far. There were so many beautiful flowers and I was so distracted by them that I didn’t

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Wedding Vendors and Other Details

I really loved all of the vendors that we worked with for our wedding and I want to give them all a moment in the spotlight! If you are looking for good vendors, reach out to these. I’ve also included some of the other places where we got some of the details! Venue – The

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