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Study Abroad: Loggia dei Lanzi: Summer 2012

Connected to Piazza della Signorina is Loggia dei Lanzi. It is a beautiful arched and covered gallery built in the 14th century. If I remember correctly many of the pieces are replicas but that does not mean that this still it took to recreate the statues was any less. The artwork in this gallery is

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Favorite Travel Moment Contest Winner

My apologies in the delay of announcing the contest winner. This month has gotten away from me. First off I want to thank everyone that participated. I had a wonderful time reading all of your stories and I want to thank you for sharing them with me and my readers. Second Runner Up: KAYLAANN AUTHOR

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Study Abroad: Museo Galileo: Summer 2012

As I’ve said before in the this blog I have visited quite a few museums and really enjoyed most of them. When I was in Florence I was determined to visit as many places as I could, including museums. The Italian Renaissance was the rebirth not just of art but of science and Florence was

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Study Abroad: Monteriggioni: Summer 2012

I realize that it has been a while since I’ve posted about my study abroad trip but I felt that it was more important to post the most recent adventures first. To take you back I visited Italy during the summer of 2012. The class was in Florence but we started in Rome and took

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Italy: My Travel Moments

In the spirit of my travel moments contest going on this month and in the spirit of getting back into exploring my Italy study abroad trip stories again after a very long hiatus I thought that I would share a couple moments of mine from that trip. The first awe inspiring moment was actually on

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Favorite Travel Moment Contest

Black and White Balloons

Its a new year and we are going to start 2019 off right and that means its contest time!  I’ve been thinking about doing a contest for a while but I was never quite sure what to do. Well I have figured it out. I want hear your travel stories, or to be more precise

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