Study Abroad: Monteriggioni: Summer 2012


I realize that it has been a while since I’ve posted about my study abroad trip but I felt that it was more important to post the most recent adventures first. To take you back I visited Italy during the summer of 2012. The class was in Florence but we started in Rome and took side trips to other cities.

The Tuscan Countryside

One of those cities was Siena. Siena and Florence were rivals for many years throughout history. Monteriggioni is a small walled fort city that was built to protect Siena from Florence.

Monteriggioni’s walls from the bus

If you are ever in the Tuscany region and are able to make it out to Monteriggioni I highly suggest it. The view from the top of the wall is worth the short climb. I remember this town being quaint and quiet. This was a contrast to the high walls and towers.

Me on the top of the wall – I was not a fan of having my picture taken.
View overlooking the Tuscan countryside from the top of the wall.
View looking down inside the circle of the wall.

I really loved Monteriggioni and wish that we had more time to spend there. It is beautiful and quiet. Walking the streets it feels as if you have stepped back in time to a different era. Something humbler and more in tune with the natural world.

Have you ever visited Monteriggioni? If so, what did you think? Happy Wednesday and safe travels!

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