Italy: My Travel Moments


In the spirit of my travel moments contest going on this month and in the spirit of getting back into exploring my Italy study abroad trip stories again after a very long hiatus I thought that I would share a couple moments of mine from that trip.

The first awe inspiring moment was actually on the plane flight over. I feel asleep and when I woke up I had to open the window. We were flying over mountains. I think they were the Alps. I’ve seen mountains before but these seemed so much higher than any I had seen before and it was early summer and there was so much snow.

I can’t find the picture from the flight to Rome but this I took after takeoff of the flight home.

After we landed the was all the chaos of finding the study abroad company that was with and getting our bags and to the buses. I wasn’t until I had slowed down and we were driving down the streets of Rome that realized that oh my gosh, I’m actually here in Italy! This was the first solo trip I had ever taken. Yes, I was with a company but I didn’t know anyone. The feeling was one of euphoria and a little fear.

From the Spanish Steps in Rome.

I picked travel moments for this contest because we all have that one instant where that just brings us alive in a way that we hadn’t been before. Even after we have returned to our old selves we still remember that one moment. Please share yours on the Favorite Travel Moments Contest post.

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