Study Abroad: Loggia dei Lanzi: Summer 2012

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Connected to Piazza della Signorina is Loggia dei Lanzi. It is a beautiful arched and covered gallery built in the 14th century. If I remember correctly many of the pieces are replicas but that does not mean that this still it took to recreate the statues was any less.

The artwork in this gallery is brutal and beautifully made, full of loss, death, fear and pain. These are pieces that you can look at for a long time.

Hercules fighting the centaur Nessus
Menelaus supporting the body of Patroclus
Rape of the Sabines
Rape of Polyxena
Pio Fedi
Perseus Holding the Severed Head of Medusa
Benvenuto Cellini

There are other works in this gallery but these are the ones that held by eye. One of my other favorite things about these statues are the details in the sides. Little pictures that I missed the first time and only saw later upon closer inspection.

The Hunt and Moon Goddess Artemis

Please forgive the quality of these last three photos, my camera at the time was not the best. Have you seen this gallery? What did you think of the works under its protective roof? Happy Travels!

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