Study Abroad: Museo Galileo: Summer 2012


As I’ve said before in the this blog I have visited quite a few museums and really enjoyed most of them. When I was in Florence I was determined to visit as many places as I could, including museums. The Italian Renaissance was the rebirth not just of art but of science and Florence was at the heart of that. So of course I had to visit the Galileo Museum of Science.

Arno River
View of the Arno from the Galileo Museum

Located over looking the Arno and not far from the Ponte Vecchio this museum is a treasure trove of antique instruments of science. Items built to help understand the natural world. Also, the museum contains one of the fingers of Galileo Galilei. I don’t remember the story of how it ended up there but I remember knowing it was going to be there before I saw it.

Yes, that is his finger.

I really enjoyed this museum. It provided a chance to dive into the science side of the renaissance and also made me quite happy to live in an age with modern medicine.

Planetary clock by Lorenzo della Volpaia
Planetary clock by Lorenzo della Volpaia – 1510 (Replica)
Portable Pharmacy

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