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Olympic Peninsula: Washington Brewed

Back in 2017 while traveling in Alaska I found a beer that was so good it has haunted my memory of good beer since then. I found it when I first started drinking craft beer and I’ve been looking for it since then but unfortunately the beer is not sold in Texas. It is called

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Creek House Honey Farm: Canyon, TX

Last weekend I visited Canyon, TX with my friends for WT’s homecoming in the new stadium. But there are a number of wonderful things in Canyon besides WTAMU. One of those is Creek House Honey Farm. A little shop and winery where you can sample and buy local honey and other products made with honey

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Meridian Hive Meadery

Part of the reason that I was so excited to visit Austin recently was that it meant I could finally visit Meridian Hive Meadery. I’ve been to a decent number of breweries and a growing list of wineries but not many places make mead but Meridian Hive makes some that is pretty darn good. I

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