Olympic Peninsula: Washington Brewed

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Back in 2017 while traveling in Alaska I found a beer that was so good it has haunted my memory of good beer since then. I found it when I first started drinking craft beer and I’ve been looking for it since then but unfortunately the beer is not sold in Texas. It is called Irish Death by the Iron Horse brewing company. The Irish Death is brewed in Washington, it was too far away from were we staying to visit the taproom but I was bound and determined to find this beer.

Here we were in the grocery store getting stuff to prepare in our Airbnb when Keltin goes, “hey, isn’t that the beer you want?” I did not even have to search and was super excited. Now, here is the real question, I’d found the object of my search but did it hold up to my expectations? Yes and no. Was the beer delicious? Yes. Did it reach the magical expectations that had formed in my mind? No. All in all though I am glad that I got to drink this beer again!

While wondering around Pike Place Market we came across a vender selling mead. I absolutely love mead and really enjoy trying different meads beside you support bees! This mead was from Hierophant Meadery. They had a wide variety of options be we decided to go with the one suggested: Cacao Damiana. We brought the mead back to Texas with us and enjoyed it with our small Thanksgiving feast and it was perfect! The mead wasn’t too sweet or heavy. I just wish the bottle had been a little bigger.

Both of these drinks are wonderful examples of the craft brews available in Washington. Have a great Friday!

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