Wildflyer Mead Co.


Mead is delicious and one of my favorite things to do while traveling is visit local mead, beer, or wine makers. Wildflyer is a new mead company outside of Navasota, TX and it is wonderful.

We stopped in at the gift shop first and bought some wonderful honey and seeds to start a pollinator garden before heading over to the mead hall. Wildflyer serves mead made in house on tap and you can take it home in a bottle or growler. They also had a blackberry-lime soda on tap that was sweetened with honey. Delicious!

We had had a long day and didn’t stay too long but we did enjoy a flight and they were all tasty and unique, I could have gone back for a second flight to try additional flavors. We sampled:

  • Unbirthday – my favorite with hints of black tea and lemon.
  • Imperius – a traditional mead
  • Violet Beauregarde – blueberry mead
  • Julius Beesar – mead with orange and vanilla notes

The wonderful thing about Wildflyer mead is that its not too sweet. You get the honey flavor without the overwhelming sweetness that you get with some more traditional meads.

Wildflyer Mead has both indoor and outdoor seating. The outdoor seating is dog friendly and there is plenty of parking. I highly suggest visiting even if you aren’t a big fan of mead because theirs is defiantly worth trying and they do have the homemade soda option. Drink local!

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