Creek House Honey Farm: Canyon, TX


Last weekend I visited Canyon, TX with my friends for WT’s homecoming in the new stadium. But there are a number of wonderful things in Canyon besides WTAMU. One of those is Creek House Honey Farm. A little shop and winery where you can sample and buy local honey and other products made with honey or bees wax. I picked up some fantastic smelling soap that i can’t wait to try out!

The front portion is the shop but they also have the Honey Buzz Winery where you can drink mead from all over the world and the state of Texas.

The first flight.

When we walked in they told us to make sure to try the mead called Viking Blod and it was part of my first flight.

Nordic Honey Wine

  • Viking Blod – hops and hibiscus
  • GI Dansk – ginger and hops
  • Ribe Mjod – apple and hops
  • Klaposer Mjod – caraway honey wine (my favorite)

There is a wonderful porch with rocking chairs and swings that is the perfect place to enjoy your mead.

Flight number two

The Citrus Storm and the Cyser were my favorite of this round. The Queen’s Revenge was good but not quite as bright as the other two. The Blackberry was not something I would drink again, it was a bit heavy on the flavor. Between these two flights I had the opportunity to try a nice range of mead. They also carry Meridian Hive mead but after having visited their tasting room earlier this year I decided to hold off. I will say their new lemon is delicious though.


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