Meridian Hive Meadery


Part of the reason that I was so excited to visit Austin recently was that it meant I could finally visit Meridian Hive Meadery. I’ve been to a decent number of breweries and a growing list of wineries but not many places make mead but Meridian Hive makes some that is pretty darn good.

I partially love their draft mead because it is flavorful with out being too thick and sweet. There still mead is good but a bit much for me to be honest. My favorite of the draft meads is the Dynamo, honey and tart cherry, but there summer Rosé is dang good and is quickly becoming a favorite.

Still mead flight and Haven draft mead,

Keltin really enjoyed the Haven with peach and ginger notes wrapped up with honey and while there I induldged in a glass of the Rhapsody. This one is dark purple and full of blackberries, quite delicious without being too sweet.

Rhapsody draft mead

The tasting room for Meridian Hive is quite small and they are only open on the weekends but while we were there on a Sunday there wasn’t an empty table to be found.

If you like mead or are gluten free or just looking for something a bit different I highly suggest trying the draft meads. They are full of honey and fruit flavors without being too sweet and they come in cans that fit perfectly in a cozy for those long hot summer days. Drink local, keep Austin weird, and Bee Conscious – we need the bees.


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