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Brazos Valley Getaway

For this trip we stayed with Getaway Cabin. This is actually our second Getaway stay. The first was in 2020 and we visited their Texas Hill Country Outpost. We arrived at out cabin after a few hours of driving and a stop in at Wildflyer Mead Co. It was a perfect early April evening, a

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Wildflyer Mead Co.

Mead is delicious and one of my favorite things to do while traveling is visit local mead, beer, or wine makers. Wildflyer is a new mead company outside of Navasota, TX and it is wonderful. We stopped in at the gift shop first and bought some wonderful honey and seeds to start a pollinator garden

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Welcome to the Texas Coastal Plains

For my birthday I wanted to getaway from everything for a bit, escape, relax and just breath in nature. I actually planned this trip back in November and was more than ready for it when April got here. This was a short trip but if was full of good food and drinks, some beautiful scenery

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